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“LIPARTIANI” Wine House is one of the oldest wine cellars in Georgia-Country recognized to be the cradle of vine and wine. Wines of this cellar are made from indigenous grape varieties, cultivated on the best-selected vineyards of Georgia, that express the great winemaking tradition of the country and strong character. Well-groomed vineyard, hand-picked and selected grapes, high-level technology, traditions determine the really noble quality of the wine, that makes a good combination of the world countries ‘ cuisines and for the best enjoyment.

Mr. Vakhtang LIPARTIANI together with his two brothers and in the involvement of enologist Vladimer Kublashvili, in 2011 decided to renew the famous wine – Chateau Lipartiani, after many investments in cellars and vineyards. Then other red and white wines were elaborated: Queen Tamar and Prince Giorgi, and Lipartiani Qvevri.


Today, the tradition of being the part of the continuous winemaking chain is carried out with diligence, love and professionalism by the Lipartiani, representatives of the ancient noble family of Georgia. In accordance with a legend, the family of Lipartiani originated from the strongest feudal of the 9th century, Liparit Baghvashi. Old Georgian charters and liturgical book of 1503, known as Martvili Liturgical Book, mention activity of the Lipartiani family in the political and industrial life of the country, carrying out the development of the unique varieties of flax, grains and vines, considered as aboriginal species for the area. The superiority of the Lipartiani cellar is testified by the fact that their wine was received by the church as the best for religious service. Salipartiano was located in one of the oldest Wine Regions of Georgia: Samegrelo. One of their residences was in village Salkhino and the family was in Chkondidi Monastery. The piety of the Lipartiani can cemetery be demonstrated by the donation charter to Bichvinta Church of the Mother of God (West Georgia) in 1615, signed by Giorgi Lipartiani.

Vamek Lipartiani (1659-1661), who is mentioned as the king of kings and the sovereign, was married to Elena, the daughter of the strongest principal Mamia Gurieli and had two sons Giorgi and Bagrat. Many historical documents and written sources were destroyed in hard times, yet the Lipartiani family has followed the footsteps of their ancestors even today and several years ago they revived the tradition. Vakhtang Lipartiani, who is the direct follower of Lipartianis’ together with his two brothers, revived wine cellar and a brand, standing out for the diversity of unique vine varieties, classic and traditional


Creating Georgian wines, that trace historical layers

- 1615 -

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